Registrations of Births of Negro & Mulatto Children, Centre Co., PA, 1803-1820
     (Transcribed by James R. Caola from Microfilm Record, Pa. Historical Society, Philadelphia)

PETITIONER*         Name of Child         Birthdate          Parent’s Name(s)              Registration Date

1)   James Rankin      “Peter”                    3-22-1803          “Sall”                                  8-3-1803
       Farmer                 “male mulatto”
       Potter Twp.
      Comments:  “on the 22nd day of March, 1803, his Negro wench named Sall was delivered of a
       Male mulatto child which he calls by the name of Peter”

2)   Philip Benner        “Kiz”                      4-30-1803           not given                            9-27-1803
      Iron Master           “ female”
      Spring Twp.

      Comments:  “”Philip Benner  (Bonner?) …enters his Negro child, Kiz, a female…”

3)   Matthias Richards   “Sinai”                11-15-1806          not given                           5-15-1806
       Farmer                      “mulatto female”
       Bald Eagle Twp.

      Comments:  “ a mulatto female child was born into my Family, named Sinai”

4)   Joseph Miles            “Charles”            3-16-1807            not given                          7-25-1807
       Iron master              “negro male”
       Ferguson Twp.
       Comments:  “a negro male child…was born in our family at Centre Furnace…”

5)   James Harris            “Leonora”          12-30-1808           not given                         2-3-1808
       Farmer                     “mulatto child”
       Spring Twp.

      Comments:  “which said child I have named Leonora…”

6)   John & Joseph Miles   “Jerry”            2-1-1809              not given                         6-3-1809
       Iron masters                 “Negro boy”
       Spring Twp.

       Comments:  “enter as their property, the right to the service of a Negro boy named Jerry, born
        on the first day of February 1809 at Spring Twp., in the Family at Milesboro Forge”

7)    James Rankin            “Lydia Boyd”     6-22-1809           not given                        8-29-1809
       Farmer                        “negro female”
       Potters Twp.
       Comments:  “a Negro female child which I have named Lydia Boyd”

8)   Elizabeth Richards      “Flora Green”     10-26-1809        not indicated                 4-18-1810
       Bald Eagle Twp.
      Comments:  “was born into my Family a negro child which I have named Flora Green”

9)   Joseph Boone               “Hariot Otto”       1-26-1810          not given                       7-18-1810
       Farmer                         “mulatto female”

       Comments:  “a mulatto female child…born into my Family…which I have named Hariot Otto”

10)  Elizabeth Smith           “Edgar”                1-28/29-1811      “Julian”                       6-28-1811
        Spring Twp.                 “male mulatto”
        Comments”  “a male Mulatto child, born the 28th or 29th of January, 1811, being the son of
        Julian, a Negro servant of  Elizabeth Smith”

11)  Philip Antes                  “William Clark”      3-29-1811          not given                   7-30-1811
        Farmer                          “negro male”
        Howard Twp.
        Comments:  “born in my family which I have named William Clark”

12)  Joseph Boon        (twins)  “Valentine”          4-29-1811           Grace Otto               8-7-1811
         Farmer                             “ Orson”
        Grampion Hills
      “Before me the subscriber Clerk of the Court of General Quarter Session in & for the said
       county, came Samuel Coleman who saith in his solemn affirmation that on the night of the
       the 29th of April last a certain Negro woman of the name of Grace was delivered of two Negro
       boys in the family of Joseph Boon on the Grampion Hills on the plantation of this deponent –
       the said Negro woman being a servant for 28 years unto the said Joseph Boon – the oldest  of
       the said Negro children is named Valentine & the youngest, Orson.  The woman is married to
       a Negro man of the name Henry C. Otto”

13)  Frederick A. Richards     “Cato”                 4-10-1812             not given                 9-16-1812
        Farmer                             “Negro boy”
        Bald Eagle Twp.
        Comments:  “one Negro boy named Cato”

14)  Frederick Augustus Richards   “Simon”    September 1819    “Phillis”              2-28-1820
        Farmer                                       “male mulatto”
        Bald Eagle Twp.
        Comments:“a black woman named Phillis, a slave of mine, was delivered of a male mulatto child
        named Simon,  in residence at my farm in Bald Eagle Twp., Centre Co.”

* Read as Columns, i.e. information under Petitioner should be read down, before moving to Name of Child.