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1880 Villa Ridge Precinct


Miscellaneous records from the 1880 Pulaski County Federal Census, Ullin Precinct.  These records were generously donated by Linda Ball.

1880 Villa Ridge Precinct

Page 4
HENDERSON, Edith b/f 45 keephouse TN TN TN
Lewis b/m -- Farmer TN TN TN

VINCENT, Thomas b/m 26 head/Farmer TN TN TN 
Mandy b/f 19 housewife TN TN TN
Nellie b/f -- daughter TN TN TN

WALTER, Alex b/m 40 head/Farmer MS GA TN
Lucinda b/f 20 housewife TN TN TN
Susie b/f 17 daughter TN TN TN
John b/m 16 son TN TN TN
Fanny b/f 14 daughter TN TN TN

WILSON, Sam b/m 40 head/Farmer KY KY TN
Celia b/f 40 housewife KY VA TN
Vitula b/f 8 daughter KY KY KY
Vinica b/f 6 daughter IL KY KY
William b/m 3 son IL KY KY

WIETING, Henry w/m 58 head/Farmer GER GER GER
Phebe w/f 60 housewife NC NC NC
Joseph w/m 21 son IL GER NC
Susan w/f 18 daughter IL GER NC
CANE, Jacob w/m 13 adopted son IL IL NC
Arah w/m 11 adopted son IL IL NC

BURNETT, John w/m 48 head/Laborer NC NC NC
Elizabeth w/f 23 housewife NC NC NC
APNAKER, Fannie w/f 20 Teacher PA PA PA

JOHNSON, R.J. w/m 55 head/Farmer IL IL KY
Susan w/f 46 housewife SC SC SC
Sarah w/f 24 daughter IL IL SC
Aaron w/m 21 son IL IL SC
Nancy w/f 19 daughter IL IL SC
Haken w/f 14 daughter IL IL SC
Edith w/f 7 daughter IL IL SC
Francis w/f 5 daughter IL IL SC
Reader w/m 3 son IL IL SC

AXLEY, Brey w/m 38 head/Miller IL KY KY
Catherine w/f 30 housewife MO -- --

page 5

AXLEY, Samuel w/m 8 son IL IL MO
James w/m 13 son IL IL MO

GRANDSTAFF, H.H. w/m 53 head/Millman TN TN TN
Polecy w/f 40 housewife TN TN TN
Henry w/m 8 son IL TN TN
Charles w/m 6 son IL TN TN
Chub w/m 2 son IL TN TN
Mug w/m 2 son IL TN TN

CRIPPEN, Mary w/f 14 step daughter IL TN TN
Eddie w/m 13 step son IL TN TN
William w/m 19 step son IL TN TN
GRANDSTAFF, Henry w/m 12 son IL TN TN

ATHERTON, Jasper w/m 39 head/Millman IL IL KY
Isabel w/f 29 housewife IL MO KY
Delia w/f 13 daughter IL IL IL
William w/m 12 son IL IL IL
Laura w/f 10 daughter IL IL IL
Lorene w/f 7 daughter IL IL IL
Mary w/f 5 daughter IL IL IL
Francis w/f 3 daughter IL IL IL

VINCENT, Robert b/m 60 head/Farmer TN TN TN
Tempa b/f 50 housewife TN NC NC

MEEKS, Samuel b/m 35 head/Laborer TN TN KY
Mary b/f 18 houswife IL TN TN

WEBB, Joseph b/m 25 head/Farmer MS TN MS
Malinda b/f 23 housewife MS TN GA

VINCENT, Malinda b/f 23 keepinghouse TN MS MS
Catherine b/f 30 -- TN TN KY

WILLIAMS, Major b/m 60 head/Farmer AL AL AL
Rebecca b/f 55 housewife TN TN TN
Ella b/f 13 daughter IL AL TN
Mary b/f 10 daughter IL AL TN
Amy b/f 8 daughter IL AL TN
Frederick b/m 5 son IL AL TN
Minnie b/f 3 daughter IL AL TN
Josephine b/f 1 daughter IL AL TN
Manda b/f 27 daughter TN AL TN

WOSMER, C.W. w/m 60 head/Lawyer NY NY NY
Phebe w/f 58 housewife NY CT CT
FISHER, Francis w/f 24 servant NY -- --
MITCHELL, Mary w/f 10 servant TN -- --


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