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The orginal settlers were known as "Mound Builders" Two large mounds on ends of the town became part of the levee on the Ohio River.

Indian massacres occurred in Mound City in 1812. This is the earliest recollection of the area.

The first settlers were Tennesseans in 1811 fleeing an earthquake.

The town was platted in 1854 by General Moses M. Rawlings. Residents of a hotel owned by Rawlings often congregated on The Mound. Poet George D. Prentice even lectured there as well as ministers preaching there.

Only seven persons were recorded living in Mounds City in 1856. However, by 1858 the population was more than 2,500. The first Mayor was Moses B. Harrell.

The home of General Rawling's was the first one in Mound City. It was framed in Louisville, Kentucky and brought to the town by steamboat. It was called "Rawlings Reservation". Many of the homes functioned as dual residence and businesses. The first floors were used for the various businesses and the second floors accomodated the inhabitants.

A railroad was built linking the town of Mound City to Beechwood (Mound Junction) which connected with the Illinois Central Railroad. This line was called The Pilot.

Captain George Muscovalley operated the city from 1921 - 1933. He also operated a ferry to and from Ballard County, Kentucky.



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