Hello, My name is Jason Williams, I am a 7th grade student at A.B.G.S. Middle School in Hempstead, N.Y., I am Jr. Club Advisor. Genealogy has opened up a whole new world for me, making history more of a reality to me. My goal is to research my family line and make a family tree for those family members of the future.

Hi, Jeanette Young is my name, and I am President of our Genealogy Club. My goal is to discover my family's history and to make a family tree.

Hello, I am Stephen Hudson, Vice-President of ABGS Genealogy School. I am a 7th grader. I am into music and dance. I love to participate in school programs. I joined the Genealogy Club to research my family and I hope that I can find a family member that has artistic abilities. This would give me some insight to my strong desire to perform.

Hello, My name is Steve Colas. I am the Secretary for the Hispanics Researchers. I also am a 7th grade student. There are so many different Hispanic groups in my village that I would like to research and see if we are mixed with other Hispanics. It would be wonderful to know that we have a common Bloodline.

Luis Guedara is my name and I am our club's Hispanic announcer for Hispanic History Month as well as events. I guess they made me the official announcer because I talk a lot and everyone knows it. My goal is to research family members and make a Family Tree. I am also a 7th grader.

Hello, I am an 8th grader, and my name is Shamekqua Williams. My goal is to research my family and leave a living history of family members and myself. Genealogy has opened up a new awareness for me.

Antonio Webb, My reason for joining the Genealogy Club is to research my family roots. I come from a one-parent home and would like to know more about both sides of my family. My goal is to one day make a family tree so all family members can enjoy their heritage.