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    1  Equity Case 7071-Bettie's List - Terry LIGON
    In the course of my research I’ve uncovered many documents that tend to demonstrate the truth in their claims and the extent the Chickasaw, Choctaw Nations went to deny these individuals their right..

    2  Dunn Roll vs. Dawes Roll - Norma
    The only difference that I can see is there was no Indian blood requirement for either one, Dunn or Dawes rolls. To be on the rolls period was that you had to be a citizen of the Creek nation to get p..

    3  Re: FENNER & ROFE of Halifax County, NC - Barry Kelly (aka Barry Fenner)
    Hi Mr McClain, I am Barry Kelly. My family history begins with the marriage of Willie Perkins and Laura Fenner (Sugg). They have a daughter Nannie who marries George Fenner. George and Nanie have chil..

    4  Re: WILKINS-Georgia & slave in Kentucky - Phoebe Wallace
    Hi My Godfather was Jim J WIlkins. He lived in Akron Ohio and had several brothers and sisters that lived in Pennsylvania and Detroit. Jim was married to Martha WIlkins. Jim had a brother named Lee, J..

    5  Oh My Love  - Vicky Daviss-Mitchell
    Black History and Valentines Day Love Rolled into One If this song was in the time of this letter, I would dedicate the words to this song sung by the Righteous Brothers to Fannie and Norfleet. The re..

    6  Re: The Genetic Legacy of the Spanish Inquisition - tea brick
    Yes, there are many interesting suggestions & references about Columbus being Sephardic & accepting donations from related business to fund his expeditions. - t.b...

    7  Re: Happy 90th Birthday to our Founder! - VKN
    Regina the celebration is going, grand long and strong with plans to continue the whole year long.Thanx for your wishes! Wishing that you had a grand celebration. Regina..

    8  Re: Happy 90th Birthday to our Founder! - VKN
    Thanx to you Ron for saying Thanx to me. I give quadruple thanx to you for all that you do to help each one with queries here do all that we might and can. You're Amazing ! You've given so much to us ..

    9  Re: Happy 90th Birthday to our Founder! - VKN
    Indeed Dear Art add your wishes to add joy to the aging which comes fleeting and fleeing! May I add my birthday wishes to a wonderful Lady. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Valencia!!!!..

    10  Re: Happy 90th Birthday to our Founder! - VKN
    Vicky Thanx for the Happy and for ALL that you do making it easier for me to follow through! Happy Birthday and Thank You for all you have done and continue to do!!!..

    11  Re: Happy 90th Birthday to our Founder! - VKN
    My Goodness and a wholesome birthday to me from BJ, Leaders and all who read and post! As Y'all can see I am running a bit behind as I am just getting to reading this. Time for the 90 year old to slow..

    12  Re: Slaves of W.W. Miller, Duplin Co. NC, 1865 - Barbara
    My family were Millers from this county. Frank Miller, wife Grace Farrior Miller. Noal, Johnson, Anna, willie and Violet. Anna married a Mc Gowan. Willie married Georgia Mc Kiver. Could these be some ..

    13  Re: The Genetic Legacy of the Spanish Inquisition - G.O.Grant
    It is found that the reason Columbus made his trip. Was to please the king/queen, because he was a jew...

    14  Davis William E ? - Julie
    Hello! I am looking for my great-great-grandfather William E Davis. He married a white woman from England who was deaf (or partially) - Elizabeth Hollis, in the late 1800s. They had at least three chi..

    15  Re: James and Nellie Samuels - Madeline Lee Mesplay
    Thank you so much Norma. This info opened up new avenues to explore. Your work is so appreciated...

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