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    1  Ex-Slave included in a will  - Tim Pinnick
    I find this article very interesting. I know of the Soldiers & Sailors Home mentioned; a good portion of their records are in the Illinois State Archives. I may have to do some indepth research on thi..

    2  Re: Access to Proquest? - Tim Pinnick
    If you care to browse through many of the posts here you will see a number of them referencing Proquest Historical Black Newspapers and other topics you should find interesting. Although I do not beli..

    3  Re: Maxwell House: The Choice Is Yours - vkn
    A giggle and a smile while searching all the while...

    4  Re: Maxwell House: The Choice Is Yours - vkn
    A cup of coffee in surgical dressing..

    5  Re: Revolutionary War - tea brick
    Thanks for posting this!! _t.b...

    6  Re: Maxwell House: The Choice Is Yours - Regina
    That was really nice. I enjoyed that. I did chuckle a bit though...

    7  Re: Revolutionary War - vkn
    Thanx, Paul...

    8  Remembering Freedmen Schools in Indian Territory  - Angela Y Walton Raji
    Genealogists should include school rosters among the many documents used to tell the family story. The quest for education was strong, among formerly enslaved families in the south and west--and India..

    9  Maxwell House: The Choice Is Yours  - Vicky Daviss Mitchell
    I went to my mentor Valencia King Nelson’s house before the AAHGS Conference in Atlanta Georgia started on October 12, 2016. AAHGS is a genealogy based organization and hosts genealogy conferences i..

    10  Re: Revolutionary War - Paul Heinegg
    Sorry, that was which has the pay vouchers. Paul..

    11  Revolutionary War  - Paul Heinegg has put the copies of the original North Carolina Revolutionary War pay vouchers on line. With what we have from other sources, over 360 people who headed "other free" North Carolina hous..

    12  2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black & White - tea brick
    At 2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black and White WASHINGTON — It is a tale of two cities of the dead. Two historic cemeteries lie side by side in Georgetown, separated by an overgrown dirt roa..

    13  Re: Jameson/Marshall Creek Freedmen - Norma
    Sarah Marshall had a child by Jim Jameson, (Jeff Marshall), cc#698. In regards to Bill Marshall, cc#676, Gabriel Jameson is listed as the step father of Monday Jamison and James L. Grayson, Creek by b..

    14  Re: Jameson/Marshall Creek Freedmen - Norma
    Jim and Sarah Marshall are listed as the parents of Gabriel Jameson, cc#590...

    15  Re: Jameson/Marshall Creek Freedmen - donald
    Jeff Marshall was my ggrandfather, and on his death and heirship, it list Gabriel Jamerson card 590, Mose Jamerson 862, who is also Mose Marshall on the Dunn's roll, and Charlotte Lewis 514 as sibling..

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