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    1  [TN] Walden University - Andrea4848
    Hello, I am looking for information on students that died in 1905 during a fire at Walden University in Nashville TN. The information I am looking is pictures of students that perished. My ancestor wa..

    2  Re: Estate Inventory of John Conner, Free African  - Paul Heinegg
    There was a white woman named Elizabeth Connors who had a "mulatto Bastard Child" in York County, Virginia, in 1710, and was ordered to serve another 5 years as penalty for having a child by a "Negro...

    3  Re: John Gaeween - Shelley
    Okay now I know, if you hadn't seen anything on John Gaeween I wasn't crazy. I am still trying to find how Luke Goings is the father of Joseph Goings. So far I have not been able to find any documenta..

    4  Re: John Gaeween - Paul Heinegg
    Unfortunately, we do not have the original record for John Geaween. Instead, there is a transcription from the nineteenth century (by Conway Robinson) which says the name is John Graweere--a name that..

    5  Re: [PUERTO RICO] Vazquez - tea brick
    Thanks for the information, I was always surprised by how much Swedish and Welsh DNA ended up in the gene pools. I somehow have the eastern shore Tilghmans in my associated surnames. (Md) I have start..

    6  Ancient East African DNA research - tea brick
    interesting from Science Daily, East African research ----------- Ancient DNA tells the story of the first herders and farmers in east Africa A collaborative study led by archaeologists, geneticists a..

    7  Re: New Member - Chevron Dove
    Thank you...

    8  Re: Haplogroup L3e2a1b1 - Lawan Gray
    I just saw a Youtube video of a young Sudanese woman who took the 23andMe Ancestry DNA test. Her parents were both Dinka, she had that same haplogroup.

    9  Census - Donald
    Does anyone know if a list or census was used to disentitled Creek freedman citizens in 1979?..

    10  Re: [PUERTO RICO] Vazquez - louis
    t.b. I am totally baffled with certain broadly used terms such as "passing" or worse yet the misconception all Europeans in the Southeast were English/Irish. As mentioned there is a signific..

    11  Freedman Track at Genealogy Institute  - Angela Walton-Raji
    Coming, this July 12 classes focusing exclusively on the Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes will be offered at the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute. This is the first time that a track ..

    12  Re: Researching the Slaveholder and Family - tea brick
    there's some type of kemp/benge/ brock/ bushyhead/chalakatha/ coyle/creecy /kisspoko, family connection goes through oh. pa. ga. tn. sc fla. louisianna & on to midwest, i think. That's what I've obser..

    13  Chicken Rice Soup recipe - Pauly6
    Ingredients 1 onion chopped 3 large carrots peeled and chopped 1 stalk celery diced 1 tablespoon oil 1 clove garlic diced 1 teaspoon each dried parsley and thyme 5 cups low sodium chicken broth 2 chic..

    14  [DC] 1848 reward runaway slaves Washington DC - TF

    15  1848 reward runaway slaves Washington DC - TF
    Maria; Susan; Harriet Johnson [sisters]

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