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    1  Freedmen School in Choctaw Nation-Brazil Community  - Angela Y Walton Raji
    A query appeared about whether there were any school records that reflect education of African Americans before Oklahoma statehood. I encourage people to explore those hundreds of pre-statehood record..

    2  Re: Adaline WRIGHT - Juanita Wheeler
    I have searched for the two sons but no luck. I am back now from family reunion and will be back to the keyboard. Thanks for your help..

    3  Re: Loyal Creek claims unclaimed  - Angela Y Walton Raji
    Here is a more detailed statement that might be useful to read. (See link below.)..

    4  Re: Loyal Creek claims unclaimed  - Angela Y Walton Raji
    According to the Legal Information Institute, unclaimed funds were deposited to the United States Treasury, for the benefit of the Creek Nation of Oklahoma. See link below...

    5  The Austin Family - Bailey
    In regards to a DNA Native American segment I share with another family, we found a common line- the Austins. Below is a link written by a long-time researcher and descendant of the Austin family, Dou..

    6  Re: JAMAR~ VA>AL Slaveholder ? -
    Hi, first off I want to say that I don't condone in any form or fashion that my Gx2 grandfather Richard Jamar owned slaves, but I know that he did because it is in the records. I just found this threa..

    7  John Dunston - Paul Eugene Thurton
    I am related to the Dunston family of North Carolina in that my first cousin, Christine Elizabeth Thurston, married Joseph Nelson Dunston, son of Nelson Collins Dunston. Because of a recent marriage r..

    8  Loyal Creek claims unclaimed - donald
    Just curious. Can someone explain whatever happened to Loyal Creek claims, unclaimed, or for the descendants that were unknown or whereabouts unknown?..

    9  Gedmatch - Angela Y Walton Raji
    If any of you have taken a DNA test and have hundreds of "mystery" matches when your results come in, you may want to connect with some of the many matches that you have to learn more about the family..

    10  Re: Where are Freedmen DNA testers - Norma
    Marland, I agree with you in regards to an effort of freedmen descendants not concentrating on finding Indian blood quantums and why, because DNA is NOT a tool used for enrollment into the different f..

    11  Re: TB - Kenneth J. Cooper
    My great-great grandmother died of TB ("consumption") in the Cherokee Nation in 1898...

    12  Re: Found her Birth family on Facebook - tea brick
    Very inspiring. t.b...

    13  African Ancestry and Dangerous Blood Clots  - tea brick
    African Ancestry and Dangerous Blood Clots Inappropriate blood clotting can be a killer. Each year in the US, 300,000 to 900,000 people suffer a venous thromboembolism (VTE), which includes deep vein ..

    14  Re: Where are Freedmen DNA testers - Angela Y Walton Raji
    Thank you for your kind words, Marland...

    15  Re: Where are Freedmen DNA testers - marland steeples
    Angela, Thank you very much for having this forum, it really has been a wonderful place to gain knowledge and make new friends and family. I think we are just on the cusp of real breakthrough in the A..

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