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    1  Re: Henrietta Lacks’ "Immortal" Cells - vkn
    Thanx for the update. Henrietta Lacks further immortalized with portrait at Baltimore City Hall The walls of a City Hall conference room are adorned with portraits of several men from Baltimore's hist..

    2  Re: Henrietta Lacks’ "Immortal" Cells - tea brick
    here's an update on an event in Baltimore! Henrietta Lacks further immortalized with portrait at Baltimore City Hall The walls of a City Hall conference room are adorned with portraits of several men ..

    3  Re: Thanks Lisa .......Slavery in Canada  - tea brick
    I've just pulled up & glossed over some of my my surname list, I think some may be related to the straight tails, chartier, black fox, bowles, sizemore, mckees, chalakatha & brocks that are mixed up/ ..

    4  Re: Thanks Lisa .......Slavery in Canada  - tea brick
    This is really interesting ! My connections have been expanding along the east coast and Canada this year. Do You have any with the surname Brant in your ancestry? Very recently I matched to a man wit..

    5  Re: J. Paul Wyer - Anthony Baldwin
    Hello Kathleen, FYI, herewith a link to the non-Wyer photo as it appears on the cover of the current "VJM Magazine": Also, a link to the piece about the band (The Palm Be..

    6  Re: The ROBERTS Family - CHOCTAW/CHICKASAW FREEDME - Cheryl Thomas
    Hello my bloodline is Ned Roberts and Sarah Stevenson. I attended the 2015 Stevenson Family Reunion in Las Vegas and it was a sight to see so many family members. Ned Roberts is my Great Great Grandfa..

    7  Thibodaux Massacre- Community Action? - vkn
    Looking forward to the follow-on research and burial investigation. Sounds like a potential community DNA project in the making, and a final (respectful) burial. "The Thibodaux Massacre: Racial Violen..

    8  Delpha Dennis aka Robinet born NC ca. 1804 - David Paterson
    Am looking for any records of this free woman of color in NC or anywhere else prior to 1828. Georgia Messenger, 28 April 1828, p3, c5: "Delpha Dennis, twenty four years old, yellow complexion, oc..

    9  Ron Glass deceased.  - Obits
    Ron Glass, who portrayed Ron Harris, the dapper and intellectual detective on the ensemble television comedy series “Barney Miller” and who appeared in numerous television shows and films, died on..

    10  Re: Blackwell, Blackmon, Lewis and Jones family fr - Alisha S Cordell
    Not sure if you have received the family information you were seeking. There is a Blackwell/Blackmon/Blackman clan in Johnson County, NC. You can find everything about these families in Spring Hope, N..

    11  "Black Deaths Matter"  - Books
    THEY CAN’T KILL US ALL Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice Movement By Wesley Lowery 248 pp. Little, Brown & Company. $27. “They Can’t Kill Us All” is a chronicle ..

    12  TYREE, Mary Francis King~ Detroit MI - ladyvtyree
    Looking for any information on Mary Frances King Tyree. Who was married to William Tyree. They had for children - Nora Tyree Gathers, Ernest Tyree, Maggie Tyree and John Tyree. I was told that there m..

    13  Re: Thibodaux Massacre  - Forum
    The Ballard of Jack Conrad..

    14  Re: Thibodaux Massacre  - GenHist
    Sugar Cane Workers Strike and Massacre of 1887 One of the most interesting, and probably least known events in Louisiana history is the Thibodaux Massacre of 1887.The Thibodaux Massacre of 1887 was th..

    15  US Colored Calvary - T. Houston
    Hello: Does anyone have access to US Colored Calvary database on Fold3? I'm interested in viewing a record for Willis Jones, 6th US Colored Calvary from Arkansas in 1863-1865 database. Event date is 1..

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