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    1  Re: Husband's given name taken as surname by wife? - Lori Swaney-Archey
    This also happened among the people in the Longtown Settlement of Ohio until the 1960's. When I questioned the elders, I was told there were many women with common same names, first & last. The co..

    2  Re: FPOC's Longtown, OH Settlement - Lori Swaney-Archey
    Denise, Please refer to Facebook's page: Remembering Freedom:James Clemens and the Longtown Settlement. Those family names, some of which are highlighted, are within. Regards, Lori..

    3  Re: Haplogroup mtDNA L3f - Chris R
    I'm an L3f and surprised that there hasn't been more matches and information about this haplogroup...

    4  Re: New HeritageQuest By Is Here! - 3rdthawkins
    welcome vkn, I can now keep tabs on my peoples in the city directories..

    5  Re: New HeritageQuest By Is Here! - vkn
    Thanx for the updating information!..

    6  Slavery: Not part of consciousness  - vkn
    Noam Chomsky opines Activist and labor educator Noam Chomsky denounced what he described as the softening of the impact of slavery on U.S. history in footage posted on Tuesday by Democracy Now. “It ..

    7  Re: New HeritageQuest By Is Here! - tea brick
    Thanks!- this is really good news!..

    8  Lucy JEFFERSON or JACKSON - Juanita Wheeler
    I am trying to find the family of Lucy JACKSON or JEFFERSON. She was married to a Cicero Kindle; they lived in Conroe Texas. I am not sure if Lucy had a sister by the name of Mary who married Jessie T..

    9  Lorenzo Brodie - Sylvester Harris Jr.
    Hi Michelle, I too am a decendant of Lorenzo Brodie. I live in Atlanta Ga but i grew up 1/2 mile from the Sam Brodie Plantation site in Louisburg, NC. Most if not all of the graves burried on the plan..

    10  New HeritageQuest By Is Here! - 3rdthawkins
    I checked it out last night, it truly is powered by A lot of the record collections that are on are now on HeritageQuest, and you can see them for free, especially the Slave..

    11  Homer Canady - George Ward
    Homer Canady was born Jan. 9 1891 and died April 30, 1973 He lived in Wilcox and Brooks Counties in Ga. He was my (GGF)on my mothers' fathers' size of the family. His father and mother names are Harry..

    12  Re: Other ways to find Social Security number  - 3rdthawkins
    Here is more heads up information on the SSA. I need to order my great grandfather's and his mother's. 1. SS-5 denial response language Use the following language to respond to requests for SS-5 appli..

    13  Re: Other ways to find Social Security number  - 3rdthawkins
    This is what I just found on the Social Security Administration's website, you can order online, but they have a serious 120 year rule. I posted this in a thread of its own to. SS-5 requests involving..

    14  "120 Year Rule" for Social Security Application  - 3rdthawkins
    Just discovered that the SSA has their SSA ordering form back online, and seem they have a new policy for ordering SSA's. SS-5 requests involving extreme age: •Please Note: We will not disclose info..

    15  Re: Other ways to find Social Security number - 3rdthawkins
    You can still order the social security application, I think it's still will cost you $29 with no SSN, $2 more than with a SSN. Now, is the mother's name on both certificates? or just one? You will ha..

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