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Hello, I read yor e-mail and I liked te part about us maybe being

The info that I have on my GGgrandfather William (George not sure if
this is first name or middle name) WILSON is possible birth year 1832
born in Kentucky....Son's name William WILSON born NJ m. Phoebe Jane
DEGROAT, she was born NY.  They had 10 children.  I can't find W G
WILSON's family, any suggestions for searching in KY? What are some of
the Slave names?  Are there any documents available?


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You have much more information about your "black ancestors" than I do.
There is a lot more information about a wealthy white politician than
about his slave my great great grand mother. Before 1860 is like a blank
wall except on my mother's side my great great grand parents were "free"
blacks in the same area. Looks like they had slave owners as friends and
neighbors. My cousin tells me that after the "Civil War" they both died
leaving several very young children that neighbors, a white family,
raised them well into their teens. 
We could still be related both families were from Kentucky. Slaves often
named their children after friends, family members and their "owners".
Since William Wilson is a very common name with several William in his
family my great great grandfather was called W. W. Wilson I believe. 
Sometimes I wonder what life was like then? W. W. Wilson had a wife and
a dozen of slaves several women including my great great grandmother who
had at least two children by him before he sold his daughter, my great
grandmother. Two branches of the family differ about fate my great great
grandmother one side thinks she died in child birth and the other
believe both my great great grand mother and her daughter were sold off.
Any way they kept his son my great great grand uncle. 

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Since writing this message I have located Nancy TEABOUT-SMITH-WILSON in
the 1850 Hackensack Bergen County NJ Census with her 1st husband Charles
SMITH and two of their children Salina and James.  I no she had two
more boys with him John and Thomas SMITH.  She later had William,
Eduard and Harvey WILSON with William (George, not sure if this is his
name, she gave this name as the widow of George in the 1882 Passaic
Directory). William, my Ggrandfather and her son, was born 1869,
according to his death certificate. He married a full-blooded Delaware
Lenape indian. His father William/George is who I don't know anything
about.  Only that the informat on the death certificate said his name
was William and he gave Kentucky as his birthplace.  I have very
little info as you can see. 
I certainly hope you come up with more info on his wife.  I don't know
if William/George came to NJ by way of TN, but if you have a story to
tell, I'm a good listener.  Put it in writing. 
novche2 at webtv.net 

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