[WILSON] In Search of Hiram Wilson genesis in North Carolina

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Sorry,  I wish I could help out, but my family history is quite different -- no Texas connections as far as we know.  Good luck.  

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Subject: [WILSON] In Search of Hiram Wilson genesis in North Carolina

Dear members:
I am the great, great granddaughter of Hiram Wilson, Post Slavery Potter of 
Guadalupe County, Texas. Hiram and his slave brothers were the first Black 
Entrepreneurs of Texas. He was born in 1836 in Mecklenberg County of North 
Carolina. Brought to Texas in 1856 by Rev. John M. Wilson, Presbyterian minister and 
slaveholder, as one of his 20 slaves. Worked as a potter in the John M. Wilson 
pottery site and after emancipation formed his own pottery business along 
with his brothers James and Wallace Wilson.

He bought large tracts of land to establish a black community in Capote where 
the pottery sites were located. He became a Baptist Minister and pastored two 
churches in the area. Donated 10 acres of land for the Church, school and 
cemetery and attended Bishop College.

Their pottery is quite expensive and widely collected here in Texas. We have 
formed a nonprofit Foundation, The Wilson Pottery Foundation and are working 
to finance a museum to share their legacy. We have bought back one of the 
pottery sites and are in the process of excavating it.

Some members of our family are planning a trip to North Carolina and Virginia 
the summer of 2004 to do research of his early life and that of his 
ancestors. We plan to begin by researching the family of the Reverend John M. Wilson as 
we were told by a member of his family that they sold their slaves within the 
family. We have no idea who Hiram's parents or other relatives are. 

We would be very appreciative of anyone that can help us in any way to 
further our research. Perhaps some of you might possibly be relatives or can connect 
us to some other person who might be helpful.

Thank you,

L. Britt,
Descendant of Hiram Wilson of Texas

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