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Which THOMAS Are You Searching?  I am searching for a Moriah THOMAS who was 
married to my gggggrandfather Morgan THOMAS.  Morgan disapeared sometime in the 
middle 1800(perhaps 1857...I am basing this on when William THOMAS was born)  
Moriah eventually marries a gentleman by the name of OLIVER.  I am not sure 
where they were at or even from. I am also searching for a little more info on 
my ggggrandfather William THOMAS and possible his brother Thomas THOMAS.  
These two were found in the 1880 Barbour County, AL census.  They were living 
together at the time.  Thomas was about 12 years old at the time(b. 1867)  Thomas 
was married to a Laura.  Thomas was born (1847)

State? Unsure about Morgan and Moriah.  William and Thomas were in AL

County?  William and Thomas were in Barbour County

Search Years Span?  Morgan and Moriah early 1800's....1847-1857.  William and 
Thomas 1857-1890.

Brickwall   My brick wall is Morgan THOMAS.  Don't know where he disappeared 
to and Moriah when she remarried a OLIVER.

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