[AfriAm-Smith] Are you matching with the right leads?

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Thu Feb 9 11:48:22 EST 2017

Hey Lloyd,
Are you having trouble matching with the right leads? You’re not alone. Many of us have trouble determining which leads are the right leads, and how to keep those leads happy throughout the funnel. Our quick and easy assessment, MQLove <http://mkto-m0090.com/s0MX0Ue0ARTU0B0W2v30N0P> will help you determine if your strategies are getting your leads to swipe right, or if you’re losing out on some great relationships.

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 assess my lead strategy <http://mkto-m0090.com/s0MX0Ue0ARTU0B0W2v30N0P> 

You’ll find out <http://mkto-m0090.com/s0MX0Ue0ARTU0B0W2v30N0P> if you’re talking with your audience too often (or not enough), confusing them with mixed CTA messages, or coming on too strong with your digital body language.
Happy Marketing,
Team SnapApp
   Marketing Tip #7: Trending content is important, but remember to include evergreen content that will continue to product traffic month after month.
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