[AfriAm-Smith] Stuck for an odd bod pump?

White House Products alastair at whp.gv-c.com
Tue Apr 4 07:21:18 EDT 2017

Looking for an Oddbod Pump or Motor?


I am sure that like me you have been stuck trying to find a hydraulic gear pump that just doesn't quite match anything you have.


Thoughts of lost sales and disappointed customers make for much frustration.

Even with our enormous range of over 5,500 different specifications of gear pump, we were constantly finding that we didn't quite have the right pump.


To fix this problem we started building pumps to order for customers within 1-2 days.

The Group 2, S12 range was the first of what is shortly to be 18 ranges covering displacements of 0.8 cc - 240 cc/vev.


Please follow the link to our new introductionary video to the S12 range which is covered on pages 32-37 of our catalogue.

Watch our Video

 ( http://respond.gv-c.com/Mail/Click/314?a=AC8366E1CAC4DF29995D4C6904385891&r=ED94517F90949914D5A622C16772F013&v= )

We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to being of service to you soon. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any hydraulic enquiry or to order our catalogue.


Order an S12 pump before 30th April and receive a £10 discount. Quote ref: S12.

Normal price: Single Pump - £160, each additional section £130.


 ( http://respond.gv-c.com/Mail/Click/314?a=5E86C8FF0658B971D6D9F891FD617E6F&r=ED94517F90949914D5A622C16772F013&v= )


 ( http://respond.gv-c.com/Mail/Click/314?a=BDD76AA12235FE579014C83B4A22E96B&r=ED94517F90949914D5A622C16772F013&v= )


 ( mailto:sales at whp.co.uk )

Email: sales at whp.co.uk


 ( http://respond.gv-c.com/Mail/Click/314?a=DF671A3F7A228975DA86484FA6BE41F6&r=ED94517F90949914D5A622C16772F013&v= )


+44 (0)1475 742 500

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