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[ SUGAR ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600p5q8clvd.html )

[ Wilmar's quarterly profit rises despite market volatility ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600py68clvd.html )

Wilmar International, which operates Asia's largest integrated agribusiness from its base in Singapore, reported first quarter earnings earlier on Tuesday this week.

Net profit rose by 8% year on year while revenues fell by 4% compared to the first quarter of 2015.

[ SABMiller brews weaker profit ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600qqm8clvd.html )

[ UK's Premier Foods flags steady results ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600rj28clvd.html )

[ India to renew sugar imports, says analyst, upping world deficit outlooks ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600sbi8clvd.html )

[ LUBES ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600t3y8clvd.html )

[ Afton Chemical opens additive plant on Jurong Island ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600twe8clvd.html )

Afton Chemical Corporation opened the first phase of its additive plant on Jurong Island, Singapore on May 17, which was marked by a special visit by Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran.

[ Nitin Prasad To Take Over Shell Companies India ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600uou8clvd.html )

[ Adnoc Distribution to build lube blending plant in Kizad  ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/1h2x600vha8clvd.html )

[ Hyrax Oil to build and operate lube blending plant for CPC in Sri Lanka  ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz20086la8clvd.html )

[ WATER ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz20087dq8clvd.html )

[ MOSL appoints new Chief Operating Officer ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz20088668clvd.html )

Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) has announced the appointment of Mark Coulthread as interim Chief Operating Officer.

[ Pennon Group Chief Executive joins British Water board ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz20088ym8clvd.html )

[ Murphy appoints new director for water ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz20089r28clvd.html )

[ Ofwat confirms new Board appointments ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008aji8clvd.html )

[  ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008bby8clvd.html )

[ PULP & PAPER ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008c4e8clvd.html )

[ Grupo Maculart acquires Estoig Farmacéutic ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008cwu8clvd.html )

Pharmaceutical packaging merger in Spain
Spain’s Grupo Maculart, specializing in the manufacture of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, has acquired 100% of the company Estoig Farmacéutic in order to increase  production.

[ Staples and Office Depot call off merger ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008dpa8clvd.html )

[ Metsä Group's 1Q sales decline 7.9 per cent ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008g2m8clvd.html )

[ Calgon Carbon to acquire a subsidiary of Arkema Group ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008gv28clvd.html )

The Clear Leader in Membrane Technology

LG Water Solutions designs, develops, manufactures and markets the full line of NanoH2O™ reverse osmosis (RO) mem­branes that lower the cost of water treatment.  

Based on breakthrough nanostructured materials and industry-proven polymer technology, LG Chem NanoH2O RO membranes dramatically improve desalination energy efficiency and productivity,  delivering the highest flux and the highest salt rejection of any RO membrane on the market.  

[ LG Water Solutions is part of  LG Chem, Ltd ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008wny8clvd.html ) - click to visit the website for more information.

[ OIL & GAS ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008hni8clvd.html )

[ North Sea Giant to Announce £17Billion Takeover That Will Create New Super Major ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008ify8clvd.html )

Oil and Gas People Exclusive: Occidental Petroleum are about to announce they are taking over Apache Corporation in a deal thought to be worth at least $25 Billion. Apache Corporation are expected to announce the takeover to their staff shortly.

[ Pura Vida Directors Agree to Salary Cuts ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008j8e8clvd.html )

[ Dozens of Jobs Set to be Cut in Louisiana ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008k0u8clvd.html )

[ Ultra Drillship Terminated By ExxonMobil ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008kta8clvd.html )

[  ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008llq8clvd.html )

[  ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008me68clvd.html )

[ COATINGS ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008n6m8clvd.html )

[ Maroon Group Expands Coverage in Midwest ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008pjy8clvd.html )

Maroon Group continues to expand its U.S. reach with the addition of Michael Yarnelle as its newest account manager to cover Northern Indiana and the Chicago area.

[ Sika Appoints Kan to Group Management ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008qce8clvd.html )

[ Oxea Names Salim Al Huthaili New CEO ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008r4u8clvd.html )

[ Sartomer Americas Appoints Jeff Prosser Senior Account Manager ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008rxa8clvd.html )

Tannas Co. is an ISO 9001 Certified company committed to designing, building and servicing the finest instruments available for characterizing and understanding the properties and behavior of today's automotive fluids and lubricants.

Tannas instruments have been designed to answer particular needs expressed by oil companies, OEMs and additive manufacturers for measuring properties critical to high quality lubricants.  All instruments manufactured by Tannas are laboratory tested and certified prior to delivery to their customers.  
Click here to visit TANNAS CO's website  ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008z1a8clvd.html )

[ ENERGY ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008spq8clvd.html )

[ Green company boss disqualified for carbon credits scam ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008ti68clvd.html )

An acting director of a green company has been disqualified for 13 years for his actions.

He sold duplicated carbon credits and tried to cover it up, according to the Insolvency Service.

[ Centrica buys CHP business for £145m ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008uam8clvd.html )

[ TELCA finalists revealed! Did you make it? ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008v328clvd.html )

[ Facebook and Microsoft commit to buy more clean power ]( http://r.newsletter.blsmedia.co.uk/hoz2008vvi8clvd.html )



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