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Hey Lloyd,
‘Tis the season for giving. So, in the spirit of the season, we give you: the 12 Days of Uberflippin’ Giveaways <http://mkto-m0090.com/wRAPT2NBU0000vaa00W350Y>!
What is the 12 Days of Uberflippin’ Giveaways? Great question Lloyd. With the help of Uberflip, and a few other great partners, we want to turn your inbox into Santa’s gift sack (kind of). When you sign up for the giveaways you’ll receive one gift in your inbox each day for 12 business days. Easy, right?
We can’t tell you exactly what the gifts will be (that would spoil the surprise!), but we can tell you that they’ll be everything a marketer wants, and MORE. You might get an exclusive eBook, or instructions for free goodies.
Ready for some free gifts? Sign up today <http://mkto-m0090.com/wRAPT2NBU0000vaa00W350Y>!
Happy Holidays,
The SnapApp Team

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