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Jon Lizotte, SnapApp jlizotte at snapapp.com
Thu May 21 13:42:34 EDT 2015

Hi Lloyd-
Every once in a while, there’s a new content type that shakes up the marketing world. From eBooks, to infographics, to quizzes, marketers like to push the limits of what content can do.
Content has the power to bring value both to the prospect and to the marketer, but too often content can feel like a monologue rather than a dialogue.
Say hello to interactive video!
Interactive video <http://www.snapapp.com/platform/interactive-content-types/interactive-video?utm_source=promotion-link&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=interactive-video> turns a static video into a conversation. You can now take your existing videos from Vidyard, Brightcove, Vimeo, and YouTube and layer interactive content on top of them. You’ll be able to turn your video into a quiz, assessment, ROI calculator, survey, or simply capture lead information right from the video and flow it seamlessly into your marketing automation system.

Curious to learn more? Let us know and we’ll give you a call!
 -Jon Lizotte
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