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Good Morning,

EPA has proposed state-specific rate-based goals for carbon dioxide
emissions from the power sector. The agency has also proposed
guidelines for states to follow in developing plans to achieve the
state-specific goals.

Join us in this On Demand Webinar, ‘Are the New Carbon Regulations
Too Much or Not Enough? A Review Of EPA's New Rule For Greenhouse Gas
Emissions ( http://bit.ly/1zJQHte )’ on Thursday, May 7, 2015 by
expert speaker Tamar J. Cerafici.

In this 60-minute session, expert speaker Tamar Cerafici will guide
you through the new regulations and show how existing state
regulations and utility infrastructure have already built a solid
foundation for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. Along with her review
of the regulations, Ms. Cerafici will highlight some of the legal and
financial challenges that the EPA faces as it tries to implement the
new regulations.

"This program has been approved by American Planning Association (APA)
for CM 1.00 Credit. This statement should not be viewed as an
endorsement of this program or its sponsor."

This program will provide answers to these important questions:

* Why does EPA want to regulate greenhouse gases (GHG) anyway?
* What do EPA's new regulations really do to limit GHG?
* Do current efforts regulate GHG on a more local level (such as
state and regional)?
* The proposed rule is just a proposal – why should we even bother?
* How will these regulations affect you (and your business)?

Apply "SK20" at check-out to get $20 off on registration

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ( http://bit.ly/1zJQHte )

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If you prefer to order by phone, call (800) 223-8720 and mention promo
codé E99NMOSH.

Looking forward to your participation here.

David M

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