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Good morning,

Regulating Green House Gases (GHG) by reducing Carbon Emissions from
existing thermal plants has the potential for creating unintended
consequences in terms of the economy, rates, and regulatory burdens.
While the efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are
laudable, they must be examined holistically to assure that the
actions do not impede upon economic recovery, cause significant
increase in electric rates, reduce available supply, and that the
regulation is consistent with state efforts in regulating power

Join us for this  Live Webinar—"Utility Perspective on Regulation of
Green House Emissions from Existing Resources  (
)", on Wed, Mar 25, 2015. This session by expert speaker  Ann Fisher
will discuss the potential push back by other regulatory agencies
including state agencies and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Session highlights:

* Review of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule 111d
* State efforts to comply
* Potential for Unintended consequences with illustrations (i.e. what
will happen to the coal states if coal is banned?)
* Discussion on intersection of FERC, EPA, and state efforts
* And more!!

Apply "SK20" at check-out to get $20 off on registration.


You can also call me at (800) 223-8720 and mention promo codë

Looking forward to having you onboard here.

David M

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