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FERC and Energy Regulation in the United States: How Energy
Professionals Can Get Creative About Marketplace Challenges (
http://goto.excelminute.com/go/17564 )
Early Bird Registration Now Open!

Register Today    ( http://goto.excelminute.com/go/17564 )

Understand the Challenges Faced by the EPPA Due to FERC’s Demand
Response Strategies and FERC’s Response to the Rapidly Changing
Energy Market.

Live Webinar

Date:   Thursday, July 30, 2015
Time:1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT, Length: 60 minutes This session by
expert speaker Tamar Cerafici (
http://www.audiosolutionz.com/speaker/455-tamar-j-cerafici ) will help
you make sense of the Electric Power Producers Association (EPPA)
challenge to FERC’s demand response strategies, and review ways that
FERC is trying to respond to a rapidly changing energy marketplace.

Why should you attend?

* The U.S. energy markets are exporting oil and gas for the first
time in 60 years.
* Investment in energy infrastructure (oil and gas pipelines,
transmission corridors, alternative energy, and efficiency) is rising.

* Distributed generation is putting the centralized grid under

Each part of the energy value chain looks to federal, state, and local
policy makers to make sense of the situation, but FERC’s regulatory
infrastructure is limited by outdated statutory authorization. As a
résult, energy professionals may want to get creative when it comes
to their own strategies which they can use in meeting the challenges
of the marketplace.

The program is going to explain the way FERC regulates energy in
today’s rapid technological advancement age. The webinar will also
highlight how FERC’s rulemaking in oil and gas transmission affect
the grid reliability policies.

Session Highlights:

* Learn why FERC’s authority to respond to advances in the energy
marketplace is limited.
* Understand how a Supreme Court ruling on FERC’s demand response
authority can affect the energy market.
* Review PJM’s current “stop-gap” proposal to understand how
the energy marketplace collides with energy regulation.
* Learn how the energy marketplace works within the regulatory
* Understand why it may be unreasonable to wait for regulatory policy
to catch up to the marketplace.
* Gain deeper knowledge of how legal challenges to existing
regulations can affect the energy marketplace.
* Build strategic elements of your energy practice.
* Understand how regulations affect the energy value chain.
* Receive a resource sheet on FERC rulemaking issues.

Read More    ( http://goto.excelminute.com/go/17564 )

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