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AudioSolutionz’ Energy & Environment Industry Webinar Bundle will
help you learn about the topics that impact your business and keep you
abreast of industry trends in an easy, fast and convenient way.
Offering unbeatable value for money, this webinar bundles contain four
bestselling webinars on trending industry topics. This collection of
webinars covers topics such as solar profitability, knowledge
management and compliance in the energy sector, issues with
intermittent power generators, and electrical supply, price hikes and

The "Energy and Environment Webinar Bundle" includes these Webinars:

Solar Profitability: The Economics of Solar Thermal, Solar Electric,
and Passive Solar Systems  - ( http://bit.ly/1QHZmia )
Presented By : Dan Chiras

Expert speaker Dan Chiras, Ph.D. will present three effective tools
that allow you to analyze the economics of solar systems: return on
investment, net present value of lifetime costs, and lifetime cost of
energy. This will help participants understand the favourable
economics of solar electric, thermal and passive technologies for
effective marketing and policy making.

The Challenge Of Placing Intermittent Power Generators On The
Electricity Grid ( http://bit.ly/1QHZmia )
Presented By : Dr Ulrich Decher

This webinar by expert speaker Dr Ulrich Decher, Ph.D in Nuclear
Engineering, will help you understand some of the key challenges of
increasing dependency on intermittent power sources. Find out why the
implementation of intermediate power generators on the electricity
grid is premature and what are its better alternatives.

The Myth of the Polar Vortex: Winter Electricity Price Pressures and
Responses ( http://bit.ly/1QHZmia )
Presented By : Meredith Joan Angwin

Hockey-stick price rises in electricity are probable in the near
future with or without the Polar Vortex.  Join Meredith Joan Angwin,
in this riveting session to get the lowdown on electricity price hikes
and know how to justify the price rise to your customers, regulators,
and the press. You will learn how electricity supply is constricting
due to coal and nuclear plants retirements and over-dependence on
gas-fired power plants, and how gas-fired plants are subject to
seasonal shortages and price spikes and more.

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