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Good Morning,

Today, methane accounts for nearly 9 percent of domestic greenhouse
gas emissions. Although U.S. methane emissions have decreased by 11
percent since 1990, they are projected to increase through 2030 if
additional action is not taken.

"Final Greenhouse Gas Regulations for Power Plants Due Out in August",
EPA Agenda Says

The Environmental Protection Agéncy (EPA) will regulate methane
emissions from the oil and gas sector directly, rather than relying on
voluntary programs or regulating associated pollutants. The proposal
would be first-ever direct regulation on methane as part of an Obama
administration strategy expected to curb methane emissions by as much
as 45 percent by 2025.

The rules, which will be unveiled this summer 2015, will apply to all
new oil and natural gas wells, but they will not address emissions
from existing sources. All of this begs two questions: Why has methane
enjoyed an exempt stratus from EPA and the Clean Air Act? And Why
exempt existing facilities in the natural gas system from the new
Action Plans issued by the White House?

Join us for this Live Webinar—"Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Natural
Gas: The EPA and the Forgotten Source - The Oil and Gas Industry!  (
http://bit.ly/1PM1siz )" on Thu, June 04, 2015. This session by expert
speaker Dr. Barry Stevens will look at methane emissions – fugitive,
venting and flaring – from the oil and natural gas industry; its
impact, sources, and remediation in the context of the regulatory
landscape and economic incentives.

In doing this, we will:

* Discuss the Drivers to Reduce U.S. Methane Emissions
* Talk about Climate Change and the Forcing Effects of Methane
* Review several Barriers Inhibiting Quantification of Fugitive
* Determine some Methane Leakage Estimates from the Oil and Natural
Gas Industry
* Identify Point Source of Emissions
* Reveal some CH4 Fugitive Emission Reduction Opportunitiés and the
inherent aspects Leak Detection and Repair
* Then move on to the regulatory side of the equation with EPA
Control and Reporting Rules for the O&G Industry and their Natural Gas
STAR Program
* We will discuss two example of fugitive emission reduction
Recommended Practices and Technologies along with their economic
* Look at a few Enabling Technologies
* And more!!

Get answers to your questions in a Q&A segment after the session by
the speaker.

Apply "SK20" at check-out to get $20 off on registration

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ( http://bit.ly/1PM1siz )

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Looking forward to your participation here.

David M

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