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Good morning,

U.S. oil and natural gas producers who use hydraulic fracturing are
discovering the untapped potential of wastewater reuse.While reuse
currently accounts for less than 1% of the 21 billion barrels of
wastewater managed by U.S. oil and gas producers each year, the trend
is rapidly growing in favor of reuse. In fact, reports show 87% reuse
in the Marcellus formation.This trend is fueled by the growing number
of challenges and limited options associated with properly treating
and disposing of hydrofracturing wastewater.Irrigation, livestock
watering, and various industrial applications are an unattractive
option due to the strict regulations and high treatment costs. Treated
hydraulic fracturing effluent discharged into surface water is not a
realistic option due to the questionable ability to cost-effectively
meet regulations, the extremely high treatment costs, and negative
public sentiment.

Join us for this On Demand Webinar—"Hydrofracturing Wastewater: How
We Produce It, How We May Abuse It and How We Can Use It (
)", on Wed, Feb 25, 2015. This session by expert speaker Dr. Barry
Stevens will explore both the challenges and opportunities presented
by wastewater reuse in the hydraulic fracturing process.

Session highlights:

* Issues regarding terminology of : flowback water, produced water,
reuse and recycling
*  Challenges
* Hydro-fracturing
* Water management
* Water pathway
* Market drivers
* Cost analysis
* Federal, state and local regulations
* And more!!

Apply "SK20" at check-out to get $20 off on registration


If you prefer to order by phone, call (800) 223-8720 and mention
promo codé E99NSANJ.

Looking forward to your participation here.

David M

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