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Greetings ...
Every now and then, there exists a truly rare opportunity for an individual like you to make our world a better place. Here is a chance for you to do so. I'm Marty Stouffer and I would like tell you about the ReMastering of the "Wild America" Film Collection in 4K Ultra High Definition. Our initial Kickstarter Goal will bring us into the realm of HD and will allow us to expand into other Stretch Goals including 20 brand new Programs and additional educational projects. This exciting and challenging vision may be the most extensive environmental education effort ever undertaken. Your involvement will ultimately make this unique and priceless reference available to every person, and especially to every school-age child, in every classroom in America.
Enjoy our Wild America Kickstarter
4K Ultra HD video technology brings 4X times the resolution than standard High-Definition.
Learn more about 4K Ultra HD ...
Wild Am
erica | PO Box 5057 | Aspen, CO 81612 |
Marty at WildAmerica.com
Wild America | PO Box 5057 | Aspen, CO 81612
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