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Good morning,

Mounting concerns over, and regulation of power plant emissions,
together with the high costs of coal operations have led utilities,
regulators and even some environmentalists to encourage conversion of
many coal operations to natural gas. Natural gas is seen by many as a
low cost, domestic and environmentally friendly alternative to coal.
However, not everyone agrees that the conversion to natural gas is
either economically prudent or environmentally sound.

Join us for this Live Webinar—"Coal to Natural Gas Conversion - What
You Need to Know (
)" on Tue, Apr 28, 2015. This session by expert speaker Jack Luellen
will take you through the various legal, economic, political and
environmental facets concerned with the coal to natural gas conversion

Session highlights:

* The Legacy of Coal Power Generation in the U.S.
* The Benefits of Natural Gas as an Alternative to Coal
* Environmental Opposition to Natural Gas Conversions
* Conversions vs. Renewable Energy Sources
* And more!!

Get answers to your questions in a Q&A segment after the session by
the speaker.

Apply "SK20" at check-out to get $20 off on registration


If you prefer to order by phone, call 1-866-458-2965 and mention
promo codé E99NSANJ.

Looking forward to your participation here.

David M

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