[AfriAm-Smith] Economic Development Financing Update: November 12, 2014 - 1:00 PM EST

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Thu Nov 6 12:40:38 EST 2014

Lorman Education Services

Dear Colleague,

I would like to personally invite you to join me at my upcoming Lorman Education Services live webinar Economic Development Financing Update [http://www.lormaneducation.com/training/live-webinar-economic-development-financing-update-394412?c=1&P=14315] on Wed, Nov 12th, at 1:00 PM EST.

State and local governments that have not planned for dealing with economic changes are not recovering as well as those that developed and implemented an economic development plan. Generally, such plans are intended to create jobs and encourage capital investment, as well as generate tax revenue for government operations and infrastructure improvements. My live webinar will focus on defining and describing effective economic development plans and cover the drivers of economic growth as well as 
discuss practical ideas to assist state and local governments as well as businesses.

During this live webinar we will review:

- Economic development plans
- Funding the plan
- Criteria for successful execution of the plan
Join me at the conclusion of the webinar for a live question and answer session. 

Register Today [http://www.lormaneducation.com/training/live-webinar-economic-development-financing-update-394412?c=1&P=14315]

I hope to see you there.


Kevin Spiegel, Senior Manager
Crowe Horwath LLP

Lorman Education Services | 2510 Alpine Rd. | Eau Claire, WI | 54703

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