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Bill Morris BillMorris at voicemetric.com
Mon Mar 24 16:38:58 EDT 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014 

Hello  Lloyd Smith,
(770) 421-8432

Don't ring the phone.
Deliver your sales message directly to voicemail.
This method is non intrusive, and non disruptive to your prospect.
Recipients take the message on their terms, and listen when they are ready.
There are those prospects who never answer their phone…….habitually.  The only way to reach them is to play by their terms.   
So send them a ring-less message regularly, updating them with your latest offering.
Only those clients ready to buy, will return your call.  Your sales reps will better spend their time fielding inbound calls from interested prospects.

Email is good too, but spam filters may block half of your messages and you won’t know if your email ever got delivered.      
I can discuss these options with you.
Please give me a call, 
Its Bill Morris….416 203 9371..  

Thank you.

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