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Aug 20 - 1 pm ET

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Credits*: CLE


Hear practical and proven media relation strategies and methods from a nationally recognized leader.

In an age of social media and a 24-hour news cycle, failing to pay attention to media relations can be a costly error. Even small town communities and the public officials that lead those communities must be prepared for potential high profile crisis situations and challenges, and the barrage of media coverage that will often ensue. The only way to survive is through strategic communications planning and preparation. This live webinar will help you understand the social-media and never off 
media context in which we live and how media relations can tie directly in with legal and even government relations challenges. You will learn the essential elements to being prepared, including: developing key messages for your organization, creating core media materials, understanding the role of new media in your preparations, the value of developing media relationships, and the many forms of media outreach available.


	* The Importance of Understanding the Media
	* The Policy - Communications Nexus
	* Mechanics of the Game

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				Frank Maisano   Bracewell & Giuliani LLP 


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