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802.11ac What You Need to Know
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In 2012, AT&T reported 2.7 billion connections were made to its Wi-Fi network. In terms of the access portion of corporate networks, it has essentially replaced Ethernet. As the demand grows for increasingly fast and efficient connections, Wi-Fi must develop accordingly. Updated from the 802.11n Wireless LAN (WLAN) standard, which in turn built upon 802.11a and subsequently 802.11g, 802.11ac is the newest standard to meet the bandwidth demands. Maintaining backwards compatibility with previous standards while bringing about a wide array of enhancements as outlined in this whitepaper, 802.11ac features higher data rates and throughput.
Download this whitepaper from IT Brief to learn how  continued adoption and development of this fifth generation Wi-Fi standard will be very relevant and impactful as our online demands evolve. 
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