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You are invited to watch a free 10-minute segment from our upcoming live audio conference, “Coordinating Emergency Response When Disaster Strikes,” which takes place on June 25, 2013.

Watch it now [http://www.resourcegovernment.com/free30/a/managing-crisis-six-steps-to-leading-in-a-crisis?c=394&utm_source=Lead+Generation&utm_medium=Prospect+Email&utm_content=Watch+it+now&utm_campaign=GOV+Webinar+-+Managing+in+a+Crisis:+Six+Steps+to+Leading+in+a+Crisis]

Why do some organizations do well in crisis while others fail? The answer frequently lies in their approach to managing the crisis. If one looks closely at how crises have been managed in the past it is possible to identify strategies that are common to every successful managed crisis. This 10 minute segment from my upcoming live audio conference on June 25 identifies the six basic steps that are essential to dealing with any crisis.

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