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Untitled DocumentRe: All my sales calls end up in voicemail 

That's right. Most managers are too busy minding their daily job.
Most of your sales calls will end up in voicemail, but don't fight it.....go with the flow.
Let voicemail work for you, not against you. Let voicemail be a helping-hand, not a hindrance.

You can deliver your own voicemail message straight into your contacts voicemail box. 
You can use a voicemail courier service to deliver a complete sales message to your contacts voice mail box. Such a service will navigate past receptions, phone menus, and phone extensions to deliver your message to the correct box.
Such a message is pre-recorded, and will cover the subject of your sales call and give a reason for your phone call to be returned.

This service is called ''voicemail-courier''. It's an auxiliary call center service that guides a pre-recorded message to all the contacts on your list, using your own voice. This is not a robo-call system. 
Sit back, and let them return your message at their leisure, it makes the sales process simpler, and faster. You will double your ROI by reducing your sales cycle
We will help you to create a successful message.
Short trial campaigns are available. 
To start getting results 
Call Wendy Williams
Wendy at reportingbulletin.com
416 203 9371

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