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Patrick Dunn Patrick at relayedmessaging.com
Fri Nov 9 12:32:06 EST 2012

All my phone calls end up in voicemailHello  Lloyd Smith

Regarding your sales calls:
Making sales calls is very time consuming.
You get put on hold.

You end up in voicemail.

You waste your day dialing.

You get blocked by the gatekeeper.

You call prospects that are not ready to buy.

Your staff end up exhausted and waste their time, which cost you money.
Don’t let voicemail stifle your sales, take advantage of it.

The best way, is to have a system put a sales message inside your clients voicemail box.    Its called Voicemail Courier.  It’s not a Robo-call, and its FTC compliant.  
Only those clients ready to buy, will return your call.  Your sales reps will better spend their time fielding inbound calls from interested prospects.
As a result, your sales cycle gets reduced significantly, and your sales pipeline just doubled.
You could use email, but spam filters will block half of your messages and you won’t know if your email ever got delivered.      
I can easily send you more information..
Please give me a call, its Patrick Dunn...416 203 9371..  thx.

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