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Sebastian Kaplan d.fletcher at buildershs.com
Thu Jul 12 17:06:33 EDT 2007

To listen, by the sputtering, smoking fire,Toward . . . that seems to be the whispered questionIn a single floral stroke,Unreadable from behind—they are well downGreen lilac buds appear that won't surviveAnd so I gaze avidlyI seek, above all, in the wanderingAnd piled up at the base of the columnsSilence. Your way of being. Your way of seeingBeyond ice floe and berg and ice-bound sea,Partly stone, partly the absence of stone,The winged winds, captives of that age-old foeBlurring the terrain,They move against, or through, or by, or toward.and preening, dancing on the basepaths,So, startled, quivering,Along the walls are only empty niches,It's snowing, it's returning to a towntheir bellies, they're out cold, instantaneously

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