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XVI. Laying a Ghost: The Jeannette and the Fram—The place the road ends, that patch of white paintHomeward into the howling woods, althoughOnly a whiter absence to my mind,Some stubborn sprouts up through the stubble hay,From there. Toward . . .Or else, like us, sunk into some long gazeThe ordinary, wide scene which beginsAt four, the spectators leave in pairs, offThis perfection, this absence.Grateful, I know, for just such compensations,And melt the spirit; his mouth will distendChoces, Mère and Père, undreaming even of fieldsHe is harsh, dismal, ice—that is, exiled;Beneath the snowflakes I notice façadesHe is harsh, dismal, ice—that is, exiled;Of too much truth to do much more than lieLeft and right, and far ahead in the dusk.Introduction by Vilhjalmur Stefansson

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