[AfriAm-Smith] Re: Needing help on Walt T. (Waddy) Smith

Jim Smith jsmith208819 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 4 19:25:25 EDT 2003

My Great Great Grandfather was Walt T. or Waddy Smith.  I have been able 
to trace his roots back to North Carolina, Randolph County but that's 
it.  Am searching for any assistance in possible sources.

Waddy's mother was named Catherine.  She was probably white and the 
earliest record of her origins in the census says PA.  Waddy moved to 
Harlan County, KY in the early 1800's, owning land there.  Eventually, 
he and his family moved to Grant County, IN.  His Great Grandson, 
Ananias Smith is my Great Grandfather.  It seems that the Smith men 
married white women, all Quakers with surnames like Whybrew and 
Davidson.  In 1910, there was a split in the family with Ananias 
(sometimes spelled Annanias) and his wife Phoebe Ellen decided to raise 
their children as white while his two sisters and two brothers continued 
as African American.

I do know that Ananias' sister Margaret, married into the Beck family.  
Their decedents still reside in and around Marion, IN.

I did not know of my African American heritage until searching the 
census records.  It was always a rumor but never followed through on 
when mentioned.  As far as I know, all of Ananias's children's children 
were never told of the family's ancestry.  This is making family 
research extremely difficult.  is ancestors, for the most part, live in 
and around Marion, IN and the family farm on the edge of Radley.  Part 
of my family is buried in one of the two newly discovered African 
American graveyards near Weaver, IN.  There may a family connection with 

Supposedly they carried documents with them at all times stating that 
they were freemen.

Any suggestions and or direction would be greatly appreciated.  All 
replies will be taken seriously and followed up on ASAP.  I will also 
share the family information that I do have.  My tree will be on 
Ancestry.com within a week and a half.


Jim Smith
Albuquerque, NM

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