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MacPAF is a "work in progress." Not yet complete, MacPAF will be a family
history and genealogy program for Macintosh OS X. Best of all, MacPAF will
be free of charge.

MacPAF is intended to replace the aging Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for
Macintosh, a genealogy program sold by the LDS church. Apparently the church
is actively supporting the Windows version of Personal Ancestral File.
However, the last Macintosh version was released in 1996. In computer years,
a nine-year-old program is prehistoric. The last Macintosh version of PAF
still runs in Classic mode on Mac OS X, but it is clearly showing its age.
It also does not support any modern version of GEDCOM. Many OS X users also
report difficulties with printing on the nine-year-old program.

There are newer commercial genealogy programs that will run in native mode
on Macintosh OS X. However, most of them are expensive. A few open source
(free) projects are available, but they do not support the LDS features of
TempleReady or LDS ordinance data. As such, many members of the LDS (Mormon)
church cling to the nine-year-old program.

Logan Allred, a senior in Computer Science at Brigham Young University (BYU)
in Provo, Utah, has undertaken the task of creating a new replacement for
the Macintosh version of Personal Ancestral File (PAF).  It runs natively on
Mac OS X but maintains an interface similar to the Family Records section of
the old program. Screen shots of the program in operation are available on
Allred's web site. Allred promises that the new program will fully support
the LDS-specific functions. He has named the new program "MacPAF."

I am not sure that the MacPAF name will last since the nine-year-old
Personal Ancestral File for Macintosh genealogy program was often referred
to as "MacPAF." The use of the old nickname for a new program produced by
someone else sure sounds confusing to me!

As mentioned earlier, MacPAF is a "work in progress." That is, it is not yet
complete. However, you can download and use the version that is available
now. That makes you a member of the development support team, and the author
would appreciate your feedback on the program throughout its development.
For more information about this free Macintosh genealogy program that is
under development, go to http://homepage.mac.com/logan/MacPAF. Logan Allred
also maintains a blog page to list the latest development news at


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