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Subject: Office 2004 hoses iChat


  Bug report/warning for people who haven't upgraded yet.  I'm using MacOS X
10.3.4 on a 17" 1.5GHz G4 Powerbook.

  I installed Office 2004 last night.  Everything went smoothly.  I used the
installation wizard, with a custom install disabling MSN Messenger and
adding Equation Editor, the Additional Templates, the Remote Desktop
Connection Client and the Windows Media Player.

  Afterwards, everything seemed fine, and all my apps including iChat were
working fine.

  However, I did notice that the fonts in my Safari browser looked weird.
So, I rebooted the computer.

  My Safari fonts went back to normal, and Office was still working fine.
However, iChat wouldn't launch.  It would bounce a couple of times in the
dock, then exit.  No crash logs in the console, no dialogs.  The iChat menu
bar menu works fine and can see the online status of my buddies, but if I
try to start a chat or view the buddy list, I get the same launch-then-quit

  I created a new user and did a fast user switch to that user.  It can't
launch iChat either.  I turned off auto-login, rebooted, and logged in only
as my new test user.  Same thing.

  Here's the kicker: just as I was about to send this message asking for
help, I tried a last-ditch solution.  I launched the Office Installer again,
selected ONLY the MSN Messenger, and installed it.

  iChat works just fine now.  Not installing MSN Messenger BROKE MY ICHAT!

  I'm guessing that the installer removed some resource that iChat needed
because MSN Messenger was going to install a replacement, but not installing
Messenger broke iChat.


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