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Total Interarchy Issue 23                                  6 Aug 2004

Welcome to issue 23 of the Total Interarchy newsletter.  In this issue I'll
give you the results of our "tools" poll, as well as details of a new poll,
let you know what we are up to and give you some tips for getting the most
out of Interarchy.

Matthew & I attended WWDC in California last month to hear what Apple has in
store for the future.  There is a lot of interesting things coming up for
Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), although a lot of it concentrates on the graphic
arena which wont have much impact on Interarchy (at least until we do a 3D
view of directory listings!).  There was also some news on the searching
front with Spotlight a welcome return of very fast content searching, and
automation front with Automator which looks like a graphical way to build
AppleScripts - that last one probably being the most likely to be useful to
Interarchy users as it may offer some ways to automate your work flow.

Speaking of automating work flow, one of the other things we did while in
California was finalize our acquisition of Keyboard Maestro, a very nice
macro program for Mac OS X which has been languishing because its developer
no longer had the time or energy to maintain it.  We've used it here at
Stairways for many tasks so we are looking forward to being able to develop
it further in the future.

After we returned from WWDC we released Interarchy version 7.2 (and 7.2.1
yesterday) with a new Bookmark Bar across the top of listing windows which
allows you to quickly move between different locations, but probably the
most useful new feature we've added since 7.0 was the addition of Auto
Uploads.  An Auto Upload is a mapping between a local folder and a matching
remote directory, which you can create using the File -> FTP -> New FTP Auto
Upload command (or SFTP variants).  Once created, if you drop a file or
folder that is within your local folder on to Interarchy it will be
automatically uploaded to the appropriate place in the remote directory.
This is especially useful for making quick changes and uploading them to
your web site while you test things out without having to run a complete
mirror.  A word of caution though, if you later mirror the directory it will
appear to Interarchy as if both local and remote files have changed (just as
it would if you manually upload!
ed a modified file), so you should only use Mirror Upload to ensure things
behave sensibly (the file will be uploaded a second time but that generally
is of little consequence).

And as a tip, the upload done using Auto Upload is actually a merge upload,
that is the local files or folders will be added to any existing files or
folders, nothing will be deleted.  So for those of you who have been hanging
out for a merge upload of folders, this is one way to get the facility now.

In our last newsletter I asked you to vote on the tools you use in
conjunction with Interarchy.  Each person could vote for more than one tool,
and their one vote was split between the tools with more weight given to the
earlier tools.  Perhaps I biased the voting with my example of "BBEdit,
GraphicConverter, iTerm", but no amount of bias alone could account for the
overwhelming vote obtained by BBEdit, receiving more than 50% of the total
votes (almost 80% of people voted for BBEdit).  Clearly people who use
Interarchy are people who value good tools and BBEdit is widely acknowledged
as the premier text editor.  After that, Photoshop and GraphicConverter came
in with about 7% each, followed by the web development tools Dreamweaver
(5.5%), GoLive (3.5%), and PageSpinner (2.5%).  After that Terminal and
Safari were followed by various text, graphics, HTML and CSS editors.

We'll quite probably do a version 7.3, but it is now time to start serious
work on Interarchy 8.0.  The obvious first question is what, if any, new
protocols should be supported.  So the poll for this issue is to ask what of
the following protocols are important to you:

* mms
* rsync
* rtsp
* scp
* WebDAV

You can vote for more than one, or indeed you can vote for none if none of
them are useful to you (remembering that time we spend implementing a
protocol is time we could otherwise have spent implementing some other
feature).  If you would like to vote in this poll, please use the URL below.
If you have any other suggestions for features in Interarchy you can email
me directly, please use a subject line containing "Interarchy 8".  We will
be going through all the feature requests we already have so there is no
need to repeat one that you have already told us about.

I have not managed to negotiate a special offer for this issue, but instead
we will offer a $5 discount on Keyboard Maestro to celebrate our acquisition
of it.  To purchase Keyboard Maestro for US$15, follow the Special Offer
link below.

Well, that's it for this issue.  In the next issue, I'll tell you how you
all voted in the new poll, keep you informed on what we are up to and give
you some more tips on using Interarchy.  If you get this email more than
once or wish to unsubscribe please let me know or make use of the Manage
Email Address link below.  And please feel free to let me know what would
make this newsletter or Interarchy more valuable to you.  Thanks for your


Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2004)...

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro Special Offer

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