[MacUser] How2 Make name Badges

Lisa B. Lee thegenequeen at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 02:06:18 EST 2003

Sorry for the delay.  Okay, here's the basic of how to
make badges in Word X:

1) Open a blank Word doc

2) Go to Tools, Labels

3) In the Labels window, click on OPTIONS, then select
one of the Avery label templates (i.e. 5383, 5384,
5392, 5395, etc.).  

4) Once you decide what size of the badges (based on
the label number template), click the DATA MERGE

5) From there, you can just directly input the info
for each badge, or if you have a file of names
already, you can use the DATA MERGE MANAGER (see it as
a floating window).

I hope this helps, if not, lemme know.

- Lisa

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