[MacUser] The New Spam Law Summary

VKN vkn at afrigeneas.com
Tue Dec 16 08:22:00 EST 2003


President Bush is expected to sign the Can-Spam Act of 2003 into law today
at the White House. The measure, effective Jan. 1, will:

€ Authorize the Federal Trade Commission to evaluate creation of a "do not
e-mail" registry. It doesn't require the agency to develop a registry.

€ Prohibit sending junk e-mail that uses deceptive subject lines or
falsifies routing information, including the "from" field.

€ Require senders to include a return address and give recipients a
mechanism for "opting out" of subsequent e-mails.

€ Ban harvesting addresses from Web sites.

€ Require sexually explicit material to be labeled as such.

€ Impose penalties. Senders of fraudulent spam face up to five years in
prison and fines up to $2 million, while intentional violators could face up
to $6 million. Damages for falsifying the source or routing of messages
would be unlimited. 

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