[LEWIS] [AfriAm-LEWIS] from from Covington and surrounding counties in Southeast Alabama, Northwest Florida and Richland County, Ohio, (1830s to present).

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Mon Feb 21 17:18:22 EST 2005

Re: Ella (JACKSON) LEWIS, born circa 1890, in Covington County,  Alabama

We are researching mulatto families in Covington County, Alabama. We have a
special interest in the Pea Ridge Community of the Conecuh River Township in
Covington and Conecuh Counties, Alabama.  These areas had a large percentage
of mulatto slaves prior to the Civil War. After slavery, these people
settled together and married.
We descend from the JACKSON surname. Many of our descendants lived in
Covington and nearby counties before the Civil War. After the Civil War most
Jackson¹s continued to live in Covington well into the late 1930¹s. Our
search also extends to Escambia and Oskaloosa counties in Florida, where
many residents from Covington traveled in search of employment, while others
went to Ohio. 
We would love to correspond with others that are researching mulatto
families from these areas with the surnames below.
Thank you in advance for your invaluable help with our family quest.
Surname list:   
JACKSON, Beasley, Blount Bradley, Briggs, Brooks. Cameron, Culliver,
Daniels, Dees, Feagin, Hart, Henderson, Hewlett, Lewis, Marshall,
McBryde, Robinson, Vaughn, Wilson, Wood

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