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The Lewis Family of Belvoir Plantation in Virginia contains slaves from the 
Meriwether Family.  It began in the 1600's with Nicholas Meriwether I who lived 
in Surry.  He is reported to have had 3 slaves and one white male indentured 
servant.  When he died, his widow married Col. Browne, of same county.  
Meriwether's daughter married Col. Browne's son. At times Col. Browne was the 
overseer of Nicholas's slaves and his own slaves.  Nicholas II was a part of the 
household too.  When Nicholas II grew up, one of his daughters married Mr. Lewis 
of Belvoir.  Nicholas II left slaves to all of the Lewis children. The 
Meriwethers had land in  Albemarle , New Kent , Surry and a few other places in 
Virginia.  Nicholas I began in Surry and he married a Woodhouse,, Nicholas II lived 
in New Kent and married a Crawford.  He also lived in Albemarle.
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