[LEWIS] Halifax County, Va. Slave Births

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 LEWIS SLAVE BIRTHS OF HALIFAX COUNTY, VA 1853- C.WAR                           

    Lewis   John W.     MALE        SILVA   1859
    Lewis   John W.     MALE        LUCINDA 1859
    Lewis   John W.     JOHN        PEGGY   1859
    Lewis   John W.     JOSEPH          1858
    Lewis   John W.     PATSY       RACHAEL 1859
    Lewis   John W.     PHIL        BECCA   1859
    Lewis   John        SELLEY      PEGGY   1865
    Lewis   John        SILVY       HAPPY ? 1856
    Lewis   John        NANCY       SARAH   1856
    Lewis   John        JINNEY      BECKY   1857
    Lewis   Levi        DILCY       BETTY   1857
    Lewis   Levi        ELLEN       JANE    1853
    Lewis   Leiv        HENRY       KITTY   1854
    Lewis   Levi        MARSHALL        KITTY   1859
    Lewis   Levi        ABRAM       SUSAN   1855
    Lewis   Levi        ELVIRA      SUSAN   1859
    Lewis   Levi        EMANUEL     SUSAN   1861
    Lewis   Leiv        JOHN DIVEN          1853
    Lewis   W. B.       CHARLES     PERMELIA    
    Lewis   Wm B.       CHARLOTTE           
    Lewis   Fielding        FEMALE      ELMIRA  1853
    Lewis   Fielding        CORA(TW)        MARGARETT   1853
    Lewis   Fielding        JOE     CATY    1853
    Lewis   Fielding        NOVE(TW)        MARGARETT   1853
    Information from BIRTH INDEX OF SLAVES by Bureau of Vital Statistics        
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