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Such early history is important as we learn about who owns the land and who 
inherits it.  Land requires slaves and eventually we will possibly learn about 
the slaves of the various plantations.  This family is an immense one with a 
large group of them in the colony of Virginia during the 1600s with lots of 
land to pass on to their descendants.  Hopefully this look at their early land 
holdings will give us information that can be used for later research.  Best 
regards, your host, Breck

The family, originally French Huguenots, left France 
after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 1685. Others appear
In the colony before that date.

Three brothers: William, Samuel and John left France and moved
to England**. 

WILLIAM goes  to the north of Ireland, 
SAMUEL goes to Wales
JOHN lived  in England. 

Northern Virginia are of Welsh origin and descend from , Gen. Robert Lewis, 
of Beacon, Wales,  who came to Gloucester in 1650 with a grant from the King of 
33,333 1/3 acres of land. Robert Lewis had sons:
    2.CHARLES (WIFE IS LYDIA) their son:

        John -  m.Elizabeth, dau of Col. Augustine Warner  of
             Gloucester Co., and built Warner Hall. 

            Their son: John Lewis & wife Frances
                Their son, Col. Fielding Lewis, who married twice: 
                          Catherine Washington (aunt of Gen'l Geo. 
                    Washington m.1746., first wife.
 Since the settlement of the colony Jamestown in1607,  the Lewis Famiy
 of Virginia is one of the most distinguished families of the State. It is 
connected by marriage with many of the families as : Fielding, Jefferson, 
Merriweather, Randolph, Taliaferro, Washington,  and others. 
Names that appear among the Virginia pioneers include Roger Lewis of W. 
Sherlow Hundred 1624.  Others found in early records include Edward Lewis of the 
Virginia Colony in 1607 and John Lewis of the Eastern Shore in 1651.  
 History of Virginia by Campbell
 History of the Huguenots by Smiles
Virginia Prominent Families
Valentine Papers (Va)
Annuals of Henrico Parish
Virginia Biographical Encyclopedia
Other parish records
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