[LEWIS] Early Lewis history.

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As we trace the history of early African Americans conntected with the Lewis 
family, it is necessary to take a look at the history of the white Lewis 
family and its marriages, tax records, etc.  They were here when the Virginia 
colony began and by the 1600's their slaves were showing up in the records.  Those 
early roles help us to know who some of the early folks were.  

This family has ties to such people as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson 
and Meriwether Lewis.  Thomas Jefferson has some famous and some infamous 
relatives that are a part of slave history too.  Hopefully we will explore some of 
the history that yields the genealogy of the various groups of Lewis slaves.  
This is a very large family with lots and lots of slaves.  This general 
information simply verbalizes the hope that we will find answers by working together 
on this family's slave history.  Best regards
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