[LEWIS] Lewis Surname - Macon County, AL

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Thu Jul 17 01:48:00 EDT 2003

Hi, I don't have any information that seems relevant at this time.  Did you 
know that Joe Louis, champion boxer's name was Barrow (I think).  Have you 
tried different spellings of the name?  I have accumulated misc. info about some 
of the history of the whites and blacks.  Found out that some Blacks help elect 
a white Lewis of Alabama during reconstructions.  Not sure what that was 
about.  There was a big migration of Lewis folks (white and black) into 
Mississippi.  Not sure what that was about either.  We gradually get the piece of the 
puzzle and soon it may make sense to us.  

Note:  I will have a change of address to     lineoflewis at aol.com   This 
address will be discontinued for Lewis research.  Don't forget to contact me 
there.  Thanks.
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