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LEWIS SLAVE BIRTHS VA - list R                              
BIRTH INDEX OF SLAVES 1853-1866                 Bureau of Vital Statistics:  
Surname Owner/Guardian      BABY        PARENT      Date    County
Lewis   R.      WM.             1856    Fauquier
Lewis   R.T.        MALE        FRANKEY     1857    Dinwiddie
Lewis   R.      FEMALE      MILDRED         Albemarle
Lewis           FEMALE      MARY            Albemarle
Lewis           FEMALE      ANN         Albemarle
Lewis           FEMALE      SALLY           Albemarle
Lewis           MALE        ROSE            Albemarle
Lewis           MALE        ELLEN           Albemarle
Lewis           ANGELINE        ?           Albemarle
Lewis           MAHALA      ?           Albemarle
Lewis           MALE        LOUISE          Albemarle
Lewis   ?                           Albemarle
Lewis                               Pitts
Lewis   Rebecca     NA...               1857    Pitts
Lewis                           1859    Fauquier
Lewis           FEMALE      ?       1859    Fauquier
Lewis   Robert      MALE        MILDRED     1859    Fauquier
Lewis   Robt. ?     FEMALE      SALLY       1861    Albemarle
Lewis           FEMALE      FRANCES     1862    Albemarle
Lewis           FEMALE      LUCY        1862    Albemarle
Lewis           ANN     SUSAN       1861    Albemarle
Lewis           MARGARET        RACHAEL     1858    Albemarle
Lewis   Robt W.     MAY.        MARY        1853    Albemarle
Lewis   Robinson        SALLY               1853    Albemarle
LEWIS SLAVE BIRTHS VA - list S                              
BIRTH INDEX OF SLAVES 1853-1866                 Bureau of Vital Statistics:  
SURNAME Owner/Guardian      BABY        PARENT  DATE    COUNTY  
Lewis   S.B.        FEMALE              Culpepper   
Lewis   S.H (Sr.        FEMALE      KITTY       Rock'ham    
Lewis   S.H. (Jr.       HARRY       MARY        Rock'ham    
Lewis           FEMALE      FANNY       Rock'ham    
Lewis   Saml.(Jr.       HENRIETTA       ANN     Rock'ham    
Lewis   Saml H.     CHARLOTTE       MARY        Accomac 
Lewis   Sarah       PRESS       MARG. ANN       Rockham 
Lewis           WOODRILLE               Madison 
Lewis           SAMUEL SMITH        SALLY NEIL      Loudoun 
Lewis   Susan                           
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