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Hi Folks, start cleaning out those files and sharing that Lewis stuff with 
the Surname List.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Your Host.

LEWIS SLAVE BIRTHS VA - list J                              
BIRTH INDEX OF SLAVES 1853-1866                 Bureau of Vital Statistics:  
Surname     Owner/Guardian      BABY        PARENT  Date    County
Lewis       J.      MALE        EVE 1854    Meck'burg
Lewis               MALE        REBECCA 1854    Meck'burg
Lewis       J.(Col.)        BETTY       SUSAN   1857    Meck'burg
Lewis               NANCY       HANNAH  1857    Meck'burg
Lewis               ROBERT      EVE 1857    Meck'burg
Lewis               WASHINGTON      BETTY   1857    Meck'burg
Lewis       J.M.        PO..AISE        ELIZA   1860    Albemarle
Lewis               JANE        MARIA   1860    Albemarle
Lewis               MARTHA          1857    Dinwiddie
Lewis               MILLY           1857    Dinwiddie
Lewis       Jas.        ?           1860    Spots
Lewis               ?           1857    Fauquier
Lewis               FEMALE          1864    Fauquier
Lewis               FEMALE          1860    Fauquier
Lewis               FEMALE          1856    Fauquier
Lewis               FEMALE          1854    Fauquier
Lewis               FEMALE          1857    Spots
Lewis               FEMALE      MARIAH  1860    Roan.Co.
Lewis               FEMALE      SARAH   1860    Roan.Co.
Lewis               FEMALE      JANE    1860    Roan.Co.
Lewis               MALE            1864    Fauquier
Lewis               A......         1858    Fauquier
Lewis               HENRY           1857    Spots
Lewis               NANCY           1860    Spots
Lewis               WILLIAM         1858    Fauquier
Lewis       Jas. H      FRA..       SARAH   1861    Albemarle
Lewis               ?       MALINDA 1863    Albemarle
Lewis               JAMES       SOPHIA  1859    Albemarle
Lewis               KATY        SOPHIA  1861    Albemarle
Lewis       James J.        ?       ALICE   1856    Nansemond
Lewis               FEMALE      REBECCA 1857    Nansemond
Lewis               FEMALE      ALICE   1859    Nansemond
Lewis               EDWARD      REBECCA 1858    Nansemond
Lewis               E?      LIZZIE  1857    Nansemond
Lewis               LUCY        ALICE   1857    Nansemond
Lewis               LYDIA       ALICE   1853?   Is of W/Norfolk
Lewis               ?       LIZZY   1859    Nansemond
Lewis               E?      JENNEY  1859    Nansemond
Lewis               ?       REBECCA 186?    Is. of Wight
Lewis               MALE                ?
Lewis       James P.        unreadable      unreadable  unreadable  Pitts
Lewis                               Pitts
Lewis                               Pitts
Lewis                               Pitts
Lewis       J  ?                        ?
Lewis       James?      unreadable      unreadable      ?
Lewis       John B.     ELIZABETH           1857    ?astid
Lewis       John D.     SUSAN       EMALINE 1859    Pitts
Lewis       John F.     GEORGE      GRACE   1859    Caroline
Lewis       John H,     FEMALE TWS      ANN 1853    Brunswick
Lewis               FEMALE      CLARA   1853    Brunswick
Lewis               FEMALE      MIMA    1858    Brunswick
Lewis               FEMALE      SYLVIA  185?    Brunswick
Lewis               S.B.        ANN 1856    Brunswick
Lewis               MALE        MARTHA  1862    Brunswick
Lewis               MALE        MARIA   1853    Brunswick
Lewis               MALE        MARIA   1856    Brunswick
Lewis               MALE        RHODY   1856    Brunswick
Lewis               MALE        MARY    1859    Brunswick
Lewis               ASHTON      SYLVIA  185?    Brunswick
Lewis               BETTY       SARAH   1864    Brunswick
Lewis               LUCY        ANN 1864    Brunswick
Lewis               ?       CLARA       Brunswick
Lewis               ?       ?       Brunswick
Lewis       John H.?        ?       CLARA   1861    Brunswick
Lewis       John H.?        ?       MARIA   1860    Brunswick
Lewis               JANE        ANN 1860    Brunswick
Lewis       John M.     AARON           ?   Culpepper
Lewis               ANNIE       ELIZA   1862    Albemarle
Lewis               DANIEL      SARAH   1861    Albemarle
Lewis               ELLEN       ELLEN   1861    Albemarle
Lewis               GEORGE      MARIA   1861    Albemarle
Lewis               MAJOR       ELIZA M.    1858    Albemarle
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