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  PayPal #emailWrapperTable h1, #emailWrapperTable h2 {font-family:Verdana,Arial;margin-bottom:2px; font-size:15px;} #emailWrapperTable h3 {font-size:13px;} #emailWrapperTable h4 {font-size:11px;} a {color:#084482; text-decoration:underline;} hr {display: none;} .small {font-size:10px;} .ppid {color:#757575;} p {margin:11px 0; padding:0;}   		table.callToAction td {background:#ffa822 url(http://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/pui/core/btn_bg_sprite.gif) left 17.5% repeat-x;} 		   	 		 			 				 					 						 							 								 									 								 							 						 						 							 								 							 						 						 							 						 					 				 			 			 				 					 				 			 			 				 					 				 				 					 						 							 								 									Welcome 								 							 						 					 					Hello king, 					Thanks for paying with PayPal. 					We congratulate you with your first Paypal money transfer. But we have hold it for the moment because the amount is over the security borders of our rules. 					 					 Here is what we have on file for you. Take a second to confirm we have your correct information. 					 						 							 								 									 										 											 												 													 														Email 													 													king at afrigeneas.com
 											 										 										 											 												 													 														Confirmation Code 													 												
 											 										 									 								 								 									 										 											 												 													 														Transfer Information 													 												
 												 													Amount: 22527.72 $
 													Reciever: Lady Kurtz
 													E-mail: Valencia96375 at afrigeneas.com
 											 										 									 								 							 						 					 					 						 							 								Accept    Decline 							 						 					 					 					
 				 				 					 				 			 			 				 					 				 			 		 		 			 				 					 						Help Center 						 |  						Security Center 					
 					Please don't reply to this email. It'll just confuse the computer that sent it and you won't get a response. 					Copyright © 2012 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131. 					PayPal Email ID  PP3659 				 			 		 	

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