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								If you are unable to see the message below, 			click here to view.													Your love life's chargers							Mohammad Mostafaei had barely made it to his hotel in Istanbul before diplomatic officials rushed to the scene and announced he was not safe. They swept him away in a car for his safety."It was about integrity and honesty," general counsel Michael Holston said on a conference call with analysts and investors.A Marine Corps e-mail circulating within some offices of the corps notes that personnel are "cautioned" not to access the WikiLeaks site from personal, public or government computers.Hurd has been held in high regard on Wall Street. He has been extremely successful in helping to boost the company's profit margins.BP expects the relief well will intersect the main well between August 13 and 15.The case went to trial, during which testimony was presented that Jones was permanently disabled by the fall such that he could no longer work, nor perform activities necessary for daily life, said Parker. A jury awarded Jones a $12.75 million judgment in 2009.U.S. light crude oil for September delivery fell $1.16 to settle at $80.85 a barrel.Though Lakin has repeatedly stated he is not beholden to any orders because he believes Obama's presidency is illegitimate, Tracy said it's unlikely the court will address the matter.Fidel Castro announced July 26 he would convene the special session and confirmed it Wednesday, after his brother's economic announcement.Quail was processed at the East Windsor Police Department on Friday and released on bond, Bourke said. Her court date is set for August 17.Jobs must lead, not lag, the recovery"During the last three weeks I returned to my normal practice schedule, and last week began to experience pain in my left knee," the 30-year-old American told the Cincinnati hardcourt event's website on Friday.Jobs: The Labor Department reported that the economy lost 131,000 jobs last month, as the government shed 143,000 temporary workers hired for the decennial census. Economists polled by Briefing.com were expecting 87,000 job losses during the month.																Copy &copy 2010 AAgwYcmP . All rights reserved.						Unsubscribe			
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