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My Johnson line consists of Thornton Johnson who was born in Louisiana
around 1830. He died in New Orleans in 1874. He married Caroline Hollins of
Ark. and had children Clara, Frederick, Clifford, Susan, and Mary. The only
birth record we can find is Frederick born in N.O. in 1868. The only death
record we can find are for Thornton, Cliff, and Susan. We have no info on
Thorntons parents, or siblings. We have no info on spouses or children for
Clara, Frederick, Cliff, or Mary. Family stories say that either Frederick
or Cliff, not sure which one, tried to pass, married white and had a son.
Whoever it was was later found out and son hung himself. This supposedly
happened in Texas. Person worked for the governor of Texas? My family says
it was written up in newspapers, but now no one has a copy. If anyone has
heard a story like that I hope you'll get in touch.

patrice.wilson at comcast.net

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