[JOHNSON] Alexander and Emma JOHNSON of Tallahassee Florida

Deanna45 at aol.com Deanna45 at aol.com
Wed Jul 9 21:49:28 EDT 2003

I am researching my great grandfather Willie C. JOHNSON born July 16, 1868 
Tallahassee Florida, died 1907 in Alabama, and his family which include. 

Father - Alexander
Mother - Emma
Brother - John
Brother - Henry
Sister - Emma
Sister - Henietta or Harriet

Willie C. Johnson may be missing from the family history if anyone is 
researching the family as he was a run away from Florida, some sort of crime where he 
hit a white man in the head with a shovel.  I do not know if the man lived or 
died as a result of that. He never saw his family after he left Florida which 
was prior to 1898 as that is the year my grandmother Reomah was born. He said 
he was the youngest member of the family yet the family I find on the 1880 
Tallahassee Census has many more children as well as his name but, big 
BUT...........his age is listed as 2 years older. Well, that's all for now. Any 
suggestions or direction in which to go will be appreciated.


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