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Harvey Mcgraw prognosticsh at serverfiend.com
Sun Jun 27 02:44:27 EDT 2010

In today's world, sad to say,  it is simply no longer good enough to just excel at what <br>you do.<br>Very often, in addition to professional abilities a university diploma will be a firm prerequisite for any positon you seek.<br><br>You can be very qualified, with years of practical experience and nonetheless be held <br>back from even obtaining an interview for an appropriate position in your field due to <br>the lack of a university diploma.<br>Fortunately, you CAN get credit for your knowledge and experience by taking advantage <br>of a Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL] program offered by many universities today.<br>RPL is a process that assesses the individual’s formal and non-formal level of knowledge, in order to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved the required learning and competency to complete a qualification.<br>Call us right now and get the credit & recognition you deserve.
Call us right now for your customized diploma: Inside U.SA.: 1-718-989-5740 Outside U.S.A.: +1-718-989-5740. 
Just leave your NAME & TEL. PHONE # (with country-code) on the voicemail and one of our staff members will get back to you promptly!      

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