[AfriAm-Carter] hoist your night adventures

Brigitte Tracy fallaciesqi50 at pdg.ru
Fri Apr 24 18:39:32 EDT 2009

plan to be surprised

it makes me too happy drawers full of yarn too glorious

but we feel more blessed and amazed than ever at lifes unexpected twists and turns and how happy we are that there is a loving heavenly father that understands the little picture we have in our minds for our lives and gently and lovingly helps us change our vision to a masterpiece i really love life 

hey my little family

grant and i listened and danced to his music on valentines day 

refined sugar will be your enemy till you die

secondly i must say i know carbohydrates arent bad i know bread is life and wheat is the staff of life a lot of fruits and veggies are quite sugary/ starchy for almost everyone eating all these foods in moderation will do them fine but remember i am trying to regulate an abnormality to a diabetic sugar is the devil to someone with celiac disease wheat is the devil to someone with milk allergies dairy is the devel and what ive come to believe that for some women who dont ovulate high blood sugar may be their devil and it definately is mine

we gave the universe one out- if grant found a job he loved before springtime wed stay put even though we wanted to go to cali really bad and even though grant had been looking for a different job for a long time

and then i realized i love her so much

when cate is too scared to go downstairs penny will go with her and everything is all right she lets cate dress her up for weddings or try to ride her or pull her by the tail almost daily and even knowing the torture she will soon endure she gets so excited when cate gets home from school

what an adventure it is

all kits are shipped phew

i look for girls with purses that compliment mine

i am given glimpses of the why and the good and the reasons and the plan the bigger picture and the necessity for some to not fit the mold

but the commonality between each experience was- it was out of my hands i occasionally fell in love with someone who couldnt be had i occasionally had to run from someone who wouldnt let me go

it transported me back in time to simpler sunnier days and its been making really happy to stare at today

from anthro

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